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My Brow Products

Eyebrows are key to framing your face. I take time to make sure my eyebrows are done each day, for me however it’s about enhancing my brows. I personally don’t like overly done or drawn on brows.  It’s taken a while to pull my collection together and has been a lot of trail and error.… Continue reading My Brow Products

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October Favourites 

Wow it’s the last day of October and it’s been a crazily busy month!! I love this time of year, the autumn/ fall colours everywhere just make our surroundings stunning. My favourites for this month which I have been turning to are….. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I am now on my second tube… Continue reading October Favourites 


What’s On My Bedside Table

My bed and bedroom is my place for peace and tranquillity. I love going to bed and going through my little routines and rituals.  On my bedside table are me favourite ‘Sleep’ and ‘Relaxing’ products and items.  Left to right Bach Rescue Remady – When works hectic and my mind is wirring, a couple of… Continue reading What’s On My Bedside Table

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Let’s Talk Face Primers

Another product type I have intergrated into my makeup regime over the last few years has been makeup primers. I’m going to talk specifically in this post about face primers, however there are other different types on the market for eyes and lips and do on. So, why do I use a primer  I started… Continue reading Let’s Talk Face Primers

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MAC vs Urban Decay – Fixing Spray

Fixing spray is a relatively new thing to the every day person. When I mentioned it to some of my female friends they had never heard of it. Now fixing sprays have been around for a while in the industry and to your regular Beauty obsessed blogger or YouTube subscriber. If its new to you,… Continue reading MAC vs Urban Decay – Fixing Spray

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Looking for US Colab & Beauty Swap

I have always wanted to do a beauty swap with someone from the US, so now I have my blog I thought why not combine it and do it as a collaboration with another beauty blogger.  I am in the UK so if you are a beauty blogger who fancies trying some Uk brands. Please… Continue reading Looking for US Colab & Beauty Swap

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Clarins Double Serum Empties Review

My Skin Type30’s age bracket, Dry, Sensitive, Few under skin blemishes, some redness on cheeks.  Now i have finally used up my Clarins Double Serum and throughly tested it, I thought I’d do an empties review.  The serum comes in a plastic bottle of 30ml. The bottle splits in to two, with one serum on… Continue reading Clarins Double Serum Empties Review