All Things Beauty

Lilash 8 Weeks In 

Following recommendations from the Beauty Blog world I decided to give Lilash a go. Lilash is a Serum for your eyelashes and is said to enhance the growth to give you long beautiful lashes without the need for falsies. 

At £114 a tube (6 months supply) its quite a hefty investment. 

Do does it work? 

For someone who has short lashes, for me personally I would say yes definitely. I have seen a significant improvement to my lashes both in length and strength. 

Be careful however!! 

Don’t make the mistake of putting to much on. I did to begin with and thought nothing of it until the fine hairs below my eyes / top of cheek bones started to grow too!! 😳 Basically the excess was dribbling down and enhancing their growth too! Don’t worry with more careful application that stopped and they returned to being invisible. 

Stupidly I didn’t take any before pictures, however here is after shots. 


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