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Winning Combination Emma Hardie Cleanser & Pixi Glow Tonic

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and Pixi Glow Tonic are my staple skin care products that I return to time and time again. I was introduced to them by the lovely Caroline Hirons (checkout her blog for all things skin care 
I have always been in to skin care however ramped up my regime a couple of years ago when I started having really terrible red angry patches on my cheeks. I went from flawless skin to nightmare skin in what felt overnight. My dr attributed it to my hormones (I have PCOS) and I was sent on my way with a ‘it is what it is’ attitude. 

Without boring you endlessly with my back and forth to the doctor I took my skin in to my own hands. Trailing practically hundreds of different cleansing, toning, serums, treatments & moisturiser combinations. I dread to think how much I spent on my quest for my winning combo. That said I found it. 
Praise be to Emma & Pixi 😘
My skin isn’t cured however it is a 100 times better than it was and if I’m lazy and go off piste with my skin care routine I can quickly see the difference. 
The balm is cleansing without stripping. It rids my skin of all the impurities and grime if the day. It feels like a facial every night and I actually look forward to it. I rub my dry face with the balm, about a 50p size massaging it all over. I then take a clean warm flannel / wash cloth and take off the residue. 
Pixi Glow Tonic.. I was a little hesitant using acid on my face, I mean really acid on already angry skin!! 

It isn’t just any acid, it contains 5% glycolic acid which removes all the dead cells under your skin to reveal the new. 

This was the real game changer for me .

It did what clearly skin wasn’t able to do, it helped get rid of the old and encourage the new. 
So there we have it.. My two holy grail duo that I can not live without. 
Items can be purchased @ the following:


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