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Clarins Double Serum Empties Review

My Skin Type30’s age bracket, Dry, Sensitive, Few under skin blemishes, some redness on cheeks. 
Now i have finally used up my Clarins Double Serum and throughly tested it, I thought I’d do an empties review. 

The serum comes in a plastic bottle of 30ml. The bottle splits in to two, with one serum on one side and one on the other. As you pump the product it pumps both product out at the same time. I personally then mix it slightly and rub on my face. 

So why the two different products. So Clarins explanation is as follows: 

Double Serum’s development is inspired by the skin’s hydrolipidic film and skin cells, both of which are based on oil and water. This unique Hydric + Lipidic System combines oil and water-based ingredients to deliver maximum results. 

More details can be found at;
So the simple answer is one is oil based the other is water based and if we remember our chemistry days the both don’t mix well when together, hence the split pot. 

Personally I found it to be a nice serum , but I didn’t see any vast improvement or differences, especially compared to others I have used. 

This serum also contains mineral oil as its main base, something I personally try to stay away from. I did use it all up, mainly because I didn’t want to waste my money. 

Would I repurchase. No, £56 is a lot of money when you don’t see a dramatic difference. I would much rather repurchase one of the others I have used. 

Thumbs down from me im afraid Clarins 👎🏻


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