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MAC vs Urban Decay – Fixing Spray

Fixing spray is a relatively new thing to the every day person. When I mentioned it to some of my female friends they had never heard of it. Now fixing sprays have been around for a while in the industry and to your regular Beauty obsessed blogger or YouTube subscriber. If its new to you, think hairspray for your makeup!

For me it has very much become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. As someone whos makeup literally melts off my face irrespective of the amount of careful layers of foundation and powder I apply. It is only through the discovery of makeup fixing sprays that may foundation actually stays put for the entire day.

Whilst its designed as a make up fixing spray for me it only really helps my foundation. It stops my foundation wearing off, melting, going patchy and I can honestly say keeps it looking very close to how it was when I applied it.

I personally don’t find that it makes my eyeshadow last that much longer (only eyeshadow primer does the trick there). That said I would not be without my fixing spray.

So which one?

I have tried three in total.

Mac Fix Plus

Urban Decay All nighter

Elf Mist & Set

I couldn’t get on with the Elf product at all. I know there are a lot of people out there that like it and the price point is amazing. I just didn’t like the smell and I felt like I could feel the film over my face with it, unlike the other two.

There isn’t a huge amount between the MAC and the Urban Decay. I have both and regularly alternate between the two. The price is similar, as is the quality. If however I was only allowed to have one going forward, the one I would re purchase first would have to be the Urban Decay All nighter. I just think it has the edge. The application is more even and I think a finer spray. It never lets me down irrespective of the weather and I love that it doesn’t interfere with the finish I am after from my base. it lasts ages and not once in the entire bottle have I been disappointed.

What are your thoughts? do you use fixing sprays? What are your favourites?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts xx



3 thoughts on “MAC vs Urban Decay – Fixing Spray

  1. Definitely, trying the Urban decay setting spray! I tried MAC fix plus and all it did was make my face look really oily (I have oily skin= not a good combination). I think it was supposed to have a dewy finish.

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