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Let’s Talk Face Primers

Another product type I have intergrated into my makeup regime over the last few years has been makeup primers. I’m going to talk specifically in this post about face primers, however there are other different types on the market for eyes and lips and do on.

So, why do I use a primer 

I started introducing primers into my regime when I felt my foundation wasn’t lasting as long and more specifically when I noticed my skin being dry. As I have got older and had more hormonal issues with my skin I’ve really noticed a difference in how dry my face has become. As a consequence of that my skin was sucking all the moisture out of my foundation leaving it dry, patchy, visible pores and let’s just say not looking great! 

Following quite a bit of research I learnt that not only did I need to up my game with my skin care, I needed to lock my moisturisers products into my skin and have a barrier to protect my foundation.. arrival of the primer. 

My current collection of primers in use are 

Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference Link £26 for 15ml

Clarins Beauty Balm Link £30 for 50ml

Benefit Porefessional Link £24.50 for 22ml 

MAC Prep & Prime Link £21.50 for 30ml

As you can see they vary an awful lot in quantity and price. I would also say they are quite different in what they deliver as well. 

Firstly I use the primers in two different ways. So my comparison is going to be based on that. 

When I want to just target pores and even my skin out I use the Elizabeth Arden or the Poreffesional. These are very soft and smooth in texture so glide on over your pores to crest a very smooth, soft surface. The porefessionsl is a skin colour however the Elizabeth Arden is a more translucent colour. Consistency is very similar. For me I find the pay off and actual results very similar. So there isn’t much between them. Porefessionsl is slightly cheaper, with a slightly bigger quantity so for that reason alone will be my re purchase. 

When it comes to putting a primer all over my face, to even out and brighten my whole complexion I reach for the Clarins or the MAC. I must say the Clarins is my outright favourite of these two. I can feel and see the difference when I use the Clarins. Whist I love a lot of MAC products unfortunately this one is just not for me. It does act as a barriers but does very little more. It doesn’t give me radiance, or minimise imperfections. My repurchase is definitely Clarins. 👍🏻

What are your experiences? Do you have a primer I haven’t tried and you would recommend? Please leave me a comment xx


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