What’s On My Bedside Table

My bed and bedroom is my place for peace and tranquillity. I love going to bed and going through my little routines and rituals. 

On my bedside table are me favourite ‘Sleep’ and ‘Relaxing’ products and items. 

Left to right

Bach Rescue Remady – When works hectic and my mind is wirring, a couple of spritz on my tongue and it really helps my to relax. Bach Rescue Remedy Link

Elemis De Stress Oil – I sometimes rub this in to my arms and chest so the beautiful aromatherapy oils permiate around me. Bliss Elemis Link

Morton Brown coca & sandlewood Body Lotion- this is just what I’m using at the moment and does change as I rotate my lotions. Link Molton Brown

Bath & Body Works Calming a Room Spray – a beautiful calming room spray when I need that little extra comfort and zen. (I buy mine from EBay as they don’t have B&BW in the UK 😔

Holistic Silk  Lavendar Eye Mask. Omg this is amazing. It seems quite pricey but it’s amazing and I would not be without it. It calms my mind and sends me off to sleep really quickly. Holistic Silk

I always have a bottle of water by my bed as a can sometimes get thirsty in the night. I personally prefer a bottle so I know no creepies have got in whilst I slept! 😊

What’s by your bed? Anything you recommend? What do you think of my choices? 



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