All Things Beauty

My Brow Products

Eyebrows are key to framing your face. I take time to make sure my eyebrows are done each day, for me however it’s about enhancing my brows. I personally don’t like overly done or drawn on brows. 

It’s taken a while to pull my collection together and has been a lot of trail and error. My brow collection now stays relatively the same and consists of the following: 

No7 clear Brow Gel – great for defining the hairs and keeping them in place. No7 Brow Gel

Disposable Spoolies – for combing product through. 

Bobbi Brown Brow Powder – I use the dark kit £36.50 Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Brow pencils are Anastasia Brow Wiz (Dark Brown) & Mac Brow Pencil  (Lingering). No introduction to these products are needed. They are a hard pencil, with a very fine tip to enable the user to draw on any fine hairs and to fill in those annoying gaps. Mac Pencil Brow Wiz

NYX Brow Shaper is great for keeping your eyebrow shape in the perfect position. Love this product and lasts ages Nyx Brow Shaper

My highlighter pencil is by a company called Chella. I received it a while ago in a Birchbox subscription. It’s a beautifully creamy Brow highlighter that I adore. As yet I haven’t found any UK stockists so will have to keep hunting before it runs out! 


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