All Things Beauty

Lip Product Collection 

Like my blogs namesake a love lip products. I have scaled my collection down to the items I now use, which I still think is excessive, it just that I love them all 💋💄. 

Organisation is key to getting the use out of them. I use a five drawer acrylic solution I purchased from MUJI MUJI Link

Drawer 1- Lip pencils, Tube Glosses & odds that don’t go in my other drawers.

Drawer 2 – Lip Glosses – mixture of brands. I tend to go in and out of phases with glosses. 

Drawer 3 – Lipsticks. As you can see I have a slight obsession with Mac lipsticks!! 

Drawer 4 – Chubby sticks. I love these products. They are great for work, I hybrid of a lip balm and a lipstick. Even apply without a mirror sometimes! 

Drawer 5 – Current most used & lip balms. This is the drawer I tend to put the products I’m most in to at this current point in time. It is ever changing depending on my current looks & moods. 

Let me know your thoughts? Are you as obsessed as me? Xxx💄💋


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