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Naturally Pretty Vol 2 Palette

The newest Palette in to my collection is the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Vol 2 ‘The Romantics’. Due to It Cosmetics not really being readily available in the U.K. it’s not a brand I am massively familiar with. I did however see it featured on another blog and had to give it ago. 

I managed to source it by the amazing guys at they ship to the UK free on orders over $35 and to be fair shipping was quite quick too. The Palette was $42 so not to bad a price. 

The Palette is made up of 14 matte shades and one transformation shade which turns the matte shades in to having a pearlescent hue to it. 

The pigmentation and quality of the shades are fantastic, they are fine and so easy to blend. I’ve been massively impressed. The colours all compliment each other and I’ve been able to make some really beautiful look. A point to note as well is that there is a good balance of light, mid tone and darker shades.

I have one criticism of this Palette, it’s the velvet covering of the packaging. As it’s a powder Palette the outside gets covered in powder and finger marks really quickly. Grrrrrrr

 As for the palette as a whole, a big thumbs up from me 👍🏻 to It Cosmetics and a brand I’m looking forward to exploring more. 

Any recommended products to try?? 


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