Best Heat Defence Spray

Having long fine hair has meant I have gone through my fair share of heat defence sprays. It’s the one hair styling product I will not be without or skip. 

Having fine hair means heat styling tools can leave my hair looking dry and frizzy. I spend time and money on getting my hair cut, I condition it and use masks regularly. It therefore makes no sense to undo all that good work and investment using hairdryer and styling tools without protecting my hair. 

As I said I have used a lot of different products and brands that have had a variety of pricing and you can spend as much or as little as you like. 

The one product I feel matched exactly what I want is the Treseme Heat Defence Spray. The product itself is brilliant. It keeps my hair well protected and once I have finished actually leaves it shiny and healthy looking. 

It’s amazing value for money £5.25 from Boots and they sometimes have offers on as well. Boots

I do have one gripe with this product. It’s actual spray nozzle is quite cumbersome to use. Especially as I have long hair. Trying to spray the back of my hair using quite a big nozzle is a bit tricky. The excellent product results however do make me return to purchasing it time and time again. 


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