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NYX Brow Sculpt & Highlight Pencil

I ordered this a couple of days from Asos as I hadn’t seen it before. I’m a huge fan of NYX products. They are great quality and really affordable. 

I bought the colour Esspresso & Light beige which is perfect for me. The product it’s self has a slim hard brow crayon that goes on beautifully. It’s not as fine as the NYX Micro Brow pencil so if you are after something to draw fine lines this is probably not the best choice. For me it’s great, I have decent thick brows do this is perfect to fill in the gaps I have. 

The highlighter end is slightly softer and thicker, again it goes on the skin and adds that touch of light to lift the brow. It’s matt in finish so doesn’t give an over the top shine. 

Have you tried the NYX Scuplt & Highlight? What are your thoughts? 


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