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My Makeup Brush Spot Cleaning

Being a huge makeup lover means that in interchange my looks nearly on a daily basis. With working and being crazy busy, I don’t always have time to deep clean my brushes. So to ensure my looks stay clean from cross over products I tend to do a lot of spot cleaning.

Prior to using this method I use to go through boxes and boxes of tissues but never really got the best results. 

I then stumbled upon this method by chance and I now swear by it. 

What you need: 

  • Dirty brush
  • Makeup brush cleaner put into small spray bottle
  • Clean dry wash cloth / face flannel 

As you can see my brush cleaner of choice is MAC. Make sure you decant into a spray bottle or you’ll use and waste far to much. 

Next Spray two or three pumps of the brush cleaner directly on the cloth 

Then lightly swirl your brush in the foamy bit. Using circular motions clean swirling until it’s clean. The cleaning product and the static the swirling motion creates spot cleans your brush in no time. This method also doesn’t require you to saturate your brushes so they dry quickly too. 

Continue using different spots on your cloth until you have no room then just toss it in the laundry and start again! Cheaper than tissue and a much better result. 👏🏻💋

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