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Facial Mist… Does it make a Difference

Facial mists, are they an unnecessary luxury or do they really make a difference? 

I have two facial mists that I interchange. 

May Lindstrom – The Jasmine Garden 100ml  £48

Caudalie – Besuty Elixir 100ml £32

As you can see both are pricey so what do they do and are they necessary? 

Ok so their purpose. Firstly let look what’s inside.. they primarily contain water and essential oils. It’s the addition of the essential oils that make these products so expensive. Its the combination of the oils and water that add the hydration to the skin. The fine mist application helps get an even distribution all over the face. 

The other purpose of the product is to act as a mood uplifter.. the beautiful fragrance instantly transports you to the feeling of being in a spa 😍. I couple of spritz in the middle of a crazy day is like a little piece of heaven. 

When to use.. 

There are two different ways to use the product. Using the product in your beauty regime. Mists are used after toner and before Serum. As mentioned in my other blogs it’s about layering products to maximise their benefit. 

Or, it can be used on top of make up as a light fixing spray or to add a middle of the day blast of moisture. 

So the key question. Does it make a difference and is it necessary? 

My option yes and no. Yes it makes a difference, more so when used as a top up and as a mood lifter. Is it necessary? In my opinion no, it’s not a required step. It is a luxury product and for me I love them. 💗 


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