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Different Types of Concealer

There are literally hundreds of different concealers on the market. Concealers can be hugely beneficial for concealing a number of different types of imperfections. What is important is you pick the right type of concealer for your complaint. Using the wrong type product can actually make you look worse instead of better! 

For me concealers fall into three categories. The categories are based on their texture type and thus can be used for different things or equally the same things. They key is assessing and deciding what you are trying to achieve and choosing the right product. 

The three types are 

Solid Emollient Based Concealers – these are solid in the pan that become softer when you warm them up. These tend to be your ‘heavy duty’and long lasting concealers. They are great for covering blemishes, birth marks, dark circles. They should be used warmed up so they don’t drag the skin, used with a light hand and remember less is more. These types of concealers should also be ‘set’ afterwards with a fine brush of power to help keep them in place. 

Here are some of my favourites.. 

Mac Studio Finish

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 

M&S Rosie HW Concealer

The next the is more of a liquid / creamy concealer. These are great for small imperfections that your foundation can’t quite cover. Now don’t get me wrong they still have great coverage and are buildable if you don’t have or want to use an emollient based product. My favourites are 

Clinique Anti Blemish – great for covering and treating blemishes 

Collection Lasting Perfections – amazing product and loved by all the beauty world. 

Two Maybelline products – The fit me and the Eraser Eye. Fabulous products that perform as good as your high ends. A staple for me. 

Then the last category.. so some people call these concealers, some call them highlighters. They tend to be a lot lighter in colour and consistency and tend to lighten and brighten the area you apply them. They are mostly great under the eyes. One thing to note though is that as they do lighten they will draw attention to that area so be sure it’s applied and blended well. 

My favourites are the iconic YSL Touché Eclat and Cliniques  Air Brush Concealer 

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