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Beauty Bargain

I’m a huge fan of body scrubs. I scrub weekly to keep my skin in the best condition possible. I therefore go through quite a bit of body scrub. 

So when I came across this bargin in Debenhams over the weekend I was over the moon. 

I love Rituals skin care, it’s so beautiful and luxurious, I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it half price!! I have used Ritusld body cream in the past but never their scrub sinwhat a perfect way of trying out s new product. 

RITUALS Wai Wang Body Scrub 325 ml : A combination of ultrafine Chinese Bamboo particles within a rich cream base to gently and intensely remove dead skin cell. Hydrates without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Enriched with calming White Lotus and nourishing Yi Yi Ren extract.

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