All Things Beauty

Pre Christmas Beauty Haul 

So the shops are filled with gorgeous beauty products ready for Christmas, I had my eye on a couple of items so thought I’d check them out! 

First stop was Feel Unique.. I bought …

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer a stunning gold tone highlighter. I have a couple of The Balm products and always fancied trying their highlighter. I wanted one that was pigmented but not to powdery. 
In the mornings I use a milk cleanser to wash my face in the shower. I have been using Elemis for a while but fancied a change. I bought this Madara one. It’s not a brand I have used or been familiar with in the past. Seems they are a Spa brand. It was the ingredient list that attracted me initially and for £15 I thought I’d give it a go. It’s also Vegan. 

Creamy and soothing milk with Northern Oat and Linden Flower cleanses gently and effectively. Removes makeup. Helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Skin feels soft, supple and comfortably clean, never dry. Suitable for use around the eyes. Great for dry skin types. 

The last of my purchases at Feel Unique was a Nars Lipstick called Barbara. It’s a beautiful creamy rosey coloured lipstick. Perfect for everyday at work during this time of year. 

I have also popped in to my local Lush store and bought a couple of bath bombs. Now it’s only the last couple of months I have actually got into Lush. Whilst they have been around for years, the brand never really appealed. I am however a convert and really just starting to explore their range! They bath bombs are beautiful and it’s now rare I’ll have a bath with out them. 

This times purchase was Sex Bomb & Twilight 🛀🏻

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