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Real Techniques Bold Metals Spotlight First Impressions 

I have been using my new Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes for a few weeks now so thought I’d give you my first impressions. 

Firstly the Brush Roll.. hmmnot sure if I’m missing something but I personally don’t see the point. If you are rarely going to use your brushes and want to store them, then yes ok. Travel maybe, a lot of unnecessary room to just carry three brushes. Sorry but the roll is a thumbs down from me 👎🏻. 

Next the Tapered Blush brush (300). Love, love, love it. It’s a great size for Blush and has the perfect amount of dencity. I have used it every day and has fast become my favourite go to Blush brush. Big win RT 👍🏻

Triangle Concealer (102). The idea of the triangle I love. This brush, I hate. Way way to big. Bristles are hard and spikey and I just find it so cumbersome to use. I tried to stick with it but I just couldn’t get the right finish.. straight back to my real Techniques Deluxe crease  brush for my concealers. 

Finally the Tapered Shadow brush (203). This is a lovely fluffy brush. It’s soft and easy to hold, use and is great for blending. 👍🏻

I like the shape of the brushes But feel the quality of the handle could be a lot better considering the price of them. 

Overall I like two of three. Based on this collection I don’t see that the are any better then my existing Real Techniques brushes, which I love. The core brushes are much better value for money. This set retails for £40 which I would not pay for them, thankfully I got them when they were in offer for £20. 

What are you thoughts, have you tried the ? Please leave a comment & don’t forget to follow. 💋


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