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2017 Beauty New Years Resolutions πŸ’‹

Firstly ‘Happy New Year’, wow it’s 2017 already. Being New Year’s Day it is customary to make some new year resolutions. I love to make new year resolutions as it’s a great way to set personal goals. This year some of my resolutions are most definitely Beauty and lifestyle related so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Take care of what goes in my body. I am committed when it comes to looking after my skin and makeup but I have to honest I’m not always great at looking after what goes in my mouth. We all know Beauty has to come from within so taking care of what I eat and drink has to be a priority. 

2. Put a dent my stash oh my, I seriously have to get my beauty stash down. Be it give it away or use it, this year it has to reduce by half at least.

3. Bin it if I haven’t used it or warn it in 6 Months Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as a hoarder, I’m not great when it comes to parting with my beloved beauty items. I’ll buy something and even if I don’t like it I hold on to it.. wtf??? This has to change! 

4. Build my blog I want to continue to build my blog and create interesting blogs and postings. 

5. Take time out I run a home, work full time, run a part time business on Etsy and write a blog. Sometimes I just don’t stop. Mental health is as important as physical health so I must take time out to read and meditate. 

So these are my new year resolutions.. did you make any? If so leave a comment I’d love to read yours. As always thanks for getting to the end of this post 😘. 


6 thoughts on “2017 Beauty New Years Resolutions πŸ’‹

  1. I completely agree with you on number 1. I’m noticing I’m becoming a bit of a hoarder when it comes to lip products. I need to try them or just toss/give away to friends and family.

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  2. One of the ways I have found super helpful for parting with makeup items is to clean everything out of your collection and put it in a last chance bag. If you don’t pull it from the bag in a month, its time to chuck it. Thats what I do now and it has helped me part with so many products that I have but never use. Loved your post, I hope you accomplish all your goals!

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